Saying Our Goodbyes

Well we backed out of the driveway to our house at 1 pm Saturday January 19, 2019 and headed for Wisconsin!

We pulled into Scott’s Dad’s driveway in Janesville, WI around 9:30pm. It looked so pretty with all of the white snow!

Sunday morning we had the privilege of sharing about The House of Joseph with the congregation at Turning Point Church. It was great to see old friends and receive positive feedback about our plans in Honduras. They blessed us with a wonderful love offering! This is my brother-in-law and my sister’s church. Tom and Sherry Zillman Wonderful people!

On Monday we drove up to Athens WI to spend a few days with my parents. We were able to see many of our friends during this trip including some of my closest girlfriends from High School.

My parents were both happy and sad to see us. They liked the company as they are mostly housebound during the winter months because they still live out on the farm. But they were also sad because they know it will be several months before they see us again and like most parents do, they worry about us. We encouraged them that we will be alright and just a few hours away by airplane.

We spent the later part of the week back in Janesville with the McCumbers and getting together with more friends from that area. Scott’s sister Linda and her husband Bill came to town Sunday for a visit and sweet goodbyes.

We feel so wealthy because of the many friendships and family we have! Rich in love!

As I write this we are driving down to Illinois to be with our sons and daughter-in-law for the night. Sam, and Seth & Melody. Seth will be taking us to O’Hare airport at 3 am Tuesday morning, 1/29/19!

Hoping to FaceTime our daughter Shauna, her husband Ben, and our grandkids later tonight in Springfield Missouri!

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