The Journey Back

We loved our time together with Sam, Seth and Melody. We got to spend an extra day with them because our flight out on Tuesday, 1/29/19, was canceled because of the severe cold!

On Wednesday morning, 1/30/19, Seth dropped us off at O’Hare airport at 3 am! Only to be notified around 4 am that our flight was rescheduled for Thursday. Bummer. Scott insisted we wait our turn in line and ask what we could do. The Delta rep somehow booked us on another plane scheduled to leave yet that morning. However, after several delays it was finally canceled and we had to rebook on another flight. That one eventually got canceled as well. Finally at 4:30 pm, 13 1/2 hours after arriving, we took off on our 3rd flight scheduled for Atlanta! Yeah!

We had missed our connecting flight to Honduras but were thankful to find a hotel where we could eat and finally sleep.

We caught the airport shuttle at 5:30 am on Thursday morning, 1/31/2019, and our flight took off at 9:45 am. We were rested and ready to go!

We were so excited to finally be on our last leg of our journey back. The sky and clouds were beautiful as we flew into Honduras!

As the plane touched down God spoke to my heart that He was going to do a new thing! I did not have to worry. I cried and cried. We were both emotional because it seemed at times that the journey back was taking sooooo long but now here we were! The long delay only made our arrival all the more sweeter! Hence Scott’s expression below!

Mark Wolfe, from the Spanish Institute of Honduras, was waiting for us and brought us to our apartment in Siquatepeque. We unloaded our suitcases and around 4:30 pm Mark’s mother, Barbe, picked us up and drove us to a restaurant to get dinner.

Afterwards we bought a few groceries and went back to the apartment to crash!

Enjoying integrating back into life in Honduras!

Inside our apartment; outside our apartment.

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