Six Months of Spanish School In!

I apologize for not updating this site more often. Perdone mí.

Our Spanish classes keep us very busy! We are at school from 8-12 Monday through Friday. Then we have lunch, or almuerzo, and may do an errand or two before heading home.

Here we are learning how to make some traditional Honduran food for one of our classes!

Usually we have school work to do and more often than not need a short nap!

Some evenings we have a Bible Study we attend or meet someone for dinner or visit different churches with friends.

Pastor friends from Puerto Rico, Edgard and Wanda Agosto. At a sweet little outdoor church.

Every Sunday morning we drive down our mountain for 35 minutes to attend a bilingual church that we like. There are many other nice churches in the city we currently live in, Siguatepeque, but we pick up several young people that we know in Comayagua and take them to church with us there instead.

Adriana helped me prepare snacks one Sunday for after the service

A special night at church just for couples!

These are the youth that we returned to Honduras for! We love them dearly!

We are currently house sitting for a missionary family while they are visiting family in the United States. When they return the middle of September we will house sit for another family who needs to go back to the U.S. for 5 weeks.

Our hearts are not only to help the youth here in Honduras but also to come along side the other missionaries here by loving and encouraging them. God opened the door for us to do just that by helping them in this way.

We have learned much in 6 months of Spanish classes but realize there is so much more to learn so we are going to take another month of classes and possibly more after that.

We haven’t found a house yet for our transition home so we feel we should use this time of waiting learning more Spanish. God’s timing is perfect!

We plan on being back in the United States for November and returning in December. We are waiting for God to show us if he will have a house at that time to move into or if we should continue learning more Spanish. Either way we will need to raise more financial support.

Thank you for reading this and for praying for us here in Honduras!


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