Language School Complete! On to the next Chapter!

It’s been 9 months since we moved back to Honduras and have completed about 8 months worth of Spanish classes!

We’ve attended a couple of workshops and a conference on Orphan Care and Transition Homes and two missionaries retreats.

We’ve gotten reacquainted with old friends and have made many more new friends!

We’ve started English classes for about 30 Hondurans.

We’ve been house hunting and house sitting, dog sitting, cat sitting, and baby sitting!!

I put on a baby shower for one of our young couples.

We attended a marriage conference.

We’ve experienced bad times and wonderful times. God has never left us nor will he ever!

We return to Wisconsin for our oldest son’s wedding this November and return to Honduras the first week of December. We will resume teaching English and looking for a house to rent for our transition home for youth transitioning from life in a children’s home to independent living.

We appreciate your blessings and prayers!

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