New Year! New Happenings!

On December 9th, 2019 we moved into our rental home in Comayagua Honduras and in January 2020 we welcomed three young ladies into our home, The House of Joseph.

We are thankful we spent 9 months learning Spanish as it helps us with our daily communication with the girls. One of the girls speaks pretty good English so that helps us when we get stuck!

We are continuing to teach English for free to the Hondurans. We have one advanced class on Tuesdays and two beginner classes on Thursdays. We enjoy our time with our students because they are eager to learn!

A nice young married couple from Springfield Missouri came to stay with us for a week in January as a part of his college graduation requirement. We enjoyed taking them around our beautiful Honduras and introducing them to the lovely people of Honduras.

Clay and Emily Engel-
The Lattrell Coffee Farm

Contact us if you would like to come down for a visit!

Behold the glory of our God!

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