On December 6th, 2019 we moved into our rental house in Comayagua Honduras! Mid January three young ladies came to live with us. We enrolled them in school, bought school supplies and had their school uniforms made. Scott and I also continued driving 30 minutes twice a week to teach English to the Honduran people in Siquetepeque. After our class on Thursday, March 12th, the administrator of youth events made the announcement to the class that because of Covid 19 all classes would be suspended until further notice. The three girls living with us did not return to school after Thursday and have been doing classes via the Internet this whole time. Scott and I returned to the United States on April 6th, 2020. The three girls currently are at their siblings’ homes and completing their school for this year. Classes begin in February and end in November. The boarders into Honduras were closed in March and reopened mid-August. With that good news I began planning my return trip to Honduras. My plane ticket is purchased for Friday, October 2nd. I just finished video chatting with our youngest girl, Aura. They are excited that I am finally returning. Scott will join me in a couple of months. He has a job he needs to complete first. I have been busy packing and rechecking my list every day to see what I still need to buy. Medicines that I cannot get in Honduras, jeans and underwear for the girls, etc. Oh, and more books to read! Always have to weigh my suitcases over and over again. Need to store some things away again until our next visit back and say final goodbyes to precious family and friends. Transition is never easy when leaving the States or returning to the States. We’ve lived in 8 different places these past two years! Some for 2 weeks, or 2 months, but never longer than 6 months. Like everyone around the world we’ve had our ups and downs the past six months. What’s important are the lessons we’ve learned along the way. 2020 hadn’t been totally awful. A lot of wonderful things have transpired! People have gotten married and babies have been born! Life goes forward. We move forward. And now I will be returning to Honduras to work with youth once again! New beginnings. Let’s not say we need to forget 2020 but rather glean insight from it. Every day is a fresh blank page with which we ”try it again”.

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