Who We Are

We are an ordinary couple choosing to live the out of the ordinary life.  Both born and raised in Wisconsin, we met in the 1980’s and were married in 1985. We have 3 wonderful children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren. We love them all very much!

After volunteering at an orphanage in Honduras from September 2014 until May 2016, we relocated in Springfield, MO to be near our daughter and her family.

After a couple of years we became uncomfortable in our comfort. We made a visit back to Honduras and our hearts confirmed what we had been wondering. God was calling us back. Honduras is also our home and we miss it because we have many friends there now who are family to us as well.

God has asked us to step out in faith and start a transition home for youth who leave orphanages and children’s homes. They often leave with no place to go, no guidance, no direction, and no place to call home. We believe that everyone should have a place to call home.

Pray for us for direction. We are not worried because we know this is God’s work and it is marvelous in our eyes! We are instead excited to see what God will do! He only asks his people to be willing and he will take care of the details. We are humbled that he would choose to use us. Our hearts overflow with love for our kids in Honduras. We are called to be parents to the parent-less. Just as Joseph adopted Jesus as his own son so will we accept the father-less children into our home, Casa de Jose, or House of Joseph.

Why do we go? We can’t give up on mankind because God didn’t give up on us. Rather, He sent his Son to die for us that we may have a relationship with God and eternal, abundant life. How can we not share this great news? How can we keep this hope to ourselves? The people in Honduras need hope and we are willing to go and share what we have been given: besides food and shelter, hope, love, and smiles!

We would count it all joy to have you partner with us in any way that you can. Join us on this amazing journey!

Outside the Honduran Spanish Institute where we attended before and will enroll again in 2019.  At the waterfalls at Pulhapanzak.  Outside our church in Honduras. Some of our many shopping trips with the kids and the kids just having fun!