2/5/2019 At an informational meeting about transition homes at Lago de Yojoa
Our first house in Honduras
New Years Eve in Comayagua, Honduras

A hen and her chicks
Falls at Pulhapansak
central square in Comayagua
Our son Sam on a visit to Honduras, January 2016
At one of my favorite restaurants in Comayagua

Comayagua, Honduras
Coffee break!
Riding in a little moto taxi!

The driver of the moto taxi!
Old and new construction
On our way to hot springs!

Our church we attended in Comayagua and our Pastor’s daughters in the red dress and the purple shirt.
We love playing games! We love their smiles!
Just having fun!
When I was a young girl I prayed and asked God to give me a love for people, and He did.
The day we received our residency cards!
Tomar Cafe!