What we do.

Live simply. Love extravagantly. Share generously.

We will be immersing ourselves in language school for the first six months when we return to Honduras in 2019.

During this time we will also be working on establishing a transition home for adolescence who have left children homes.

It is our goal to provide a loving and safe home for them. Offering food, shelter, spiritual guidance, and teaching practical life skills.

We hope to find a large home to move into after we finish our Spanish classes. The name of the home will be Casa de Jose, or House of Joseph.

Jesus’ father Joseph adopted him as his own son. He provided a home for him and taught him about God and how to work.

We hear God the Father asking us to do the same for the many children in Honduras.

The mountains and animals of Honduras. The beautiful sawdust carpets during Holy week and the reenactment of the trial of Jesus in our city of Comayagua, Honduras.