It’s Christmas Day

The day millions around the world celebrate the day Jesus was born. I wonder how many of those millions realize what it meant for Jesus to leave his perfect, heavenly home in order to come and live in our imperfect world where many here hate his Father. He knew what kind of sacrifice he was making. He knew that many of mankind would come to hate him as well and that they would orchestrate his murder. Yet he came anyway.

This is what separates Christianity from any other religion. That God would humble himself to become an ordinary man in order to give his life as a payment for all mankind’s sin. How can we not see the great love in this sacrifice?

We are compelled by this same love. We must go and love.

I admit I struggle at times with leaving my family, my home, my dog Sonny, and my “things” behind and moving several countries away from my land of birth. God reminds me of Abraham and Sarah, packing up and leaving their homeland. They didn’t even know where they were going! At least we do!

The fact that we have many friends already in Honduras makes the transition easier. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t receive a message from one of our “kids” in Honduras. God has knit our hearts together. We are humbled to be called to go help the people of Honduras.

We’ve become uncomfortable in our comfort.

As followers of Jesus Christ we are instructed by him to “Go and make disciples of ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that he commanded us.” Matthew 28: 29,20

So we will once again go.


Thank you for joining with us in prayer for good renters for our house. We have drawn up a lease agreement with a wonderful christian couple!

We plan on being completely moved out by January 19th, 2019! Our renters will move in shortly thereafter.

We would like to drive up to Wisconsin early the following week and hope to fly out of Chicago later that week for Honduras.

Keep praying for a good home for our dog, Sonny!

The Journey Begins

In The Gap 4 God in Honduras

Outside of the Spanish Institute of Honduras in Siguatepeque, Honduras

We are planning to return here in February and start back where we left off with our Spanish classes. Last time we took our classes together with one teacher.   This time we may opt to each have our own teacher. All of the teachers are Honduran. Many do not speak English so it makes us work harder on communicating in Spanish.