Completed 3rd Year Back in Honduras This January 2022

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted! We’ve been keeping busy and I post more regularly on Facebook.

Dijiara moved in one year ago from the mosquito coast. She completed her
first year of nursing and is now in
her practice at a local hospital.
Marleny graduated from her last year of high school after being with us for two years. This week she started her first college classes.
Aura has been with us two years also
and will be starting her 9th grade in
February 2022. The school years run
from February through November here.
We have a new granddaughter, Cadence,
born July 14, 2021♥️🥰♥️
Celebrating Christmas with our neighbor kids.😍
I directed the Christmas program in church; a first for me in Spanish!
Our daughter Shauna came to visit us in December and helped us deliver some food
to our friend Martha and her family
that live high up in the mountain.
Stopping in to order some food!😀
Our rescue dog, Luna.🌙

Time Stopped & Then Time Flew

June 7, 2021

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted!

We spent 6-8 months in the States in 2020 due to Covid-19. Like most, we were struggling with trying to deal with a new way of living. It was strange not being in our own home for so long. Scott started working again and I dealt with some health issues.

I, Susan, returned to our home in Honduras October 2nd, 2020. I got to work cleaning inside the house and outside. Our yard had grown into a jungle!!

One girl came back to our home and then another. In January a new girl moved in with us.

Scott retuned just before Thanksgiving, two major hurricanes delayed his earlier arrival.

We helped flood victims clean their homes and bought food and supplies for them.

In January/February our girls started back to school! They are currently all 19 years of age. We are busy every day! Visit us on Facebook on McCumbers in Honduras!

Bible classes with our neighbor kids❤️
Our Home


On December 6th, 2019 we moved into our rental house in Comayagua Honduras! Mid January three young ladies came to live with us. We enrolled them in school, bought school supplies and had their school uniforms made. Scott and I also continued driving 30 minutes twice a week to teach English to the Honduran people in Siquetepeque. After our class on Thursday, March 12th, the administrator of youth events made the announcement to the class that because of Covid 19 all classes would be suspended until further notice. The three girls living with us did not return to school after Thursday and have been doing classes via the Internet this whole time. Scott and I returned to the United States on April 6th, 2020. The three girls currently are at their siblings’ homes and completing their school for this year. Classes begin in February and end in November. The boarders into Honduras were closed in March and reopened mid-August. With that good news I began planning my return trip to Honduras. My plane ticket is purchased for Friday, October 2nd. I just finished video chatting with our youngest girl, Aura. They are excited that I am finally returning. Scott will join me in a couple of months. He has a job he needs to complete first. I have been busy packing and rechecking my list every day to see what I still need to buy. Medicines that I cannot get in Honduras, jeans and underwear for the girls, etc. Oh, and more books to read! Always have to weigh my suitcases over and over again. Need to store some things away again until our next visit back and say final goodbyes to precious family and friends. Transition is never easy when leaving the States or returning to the States. We’ve lived in 8 different places these past two years! Some for 2 weeks, or 2 months, but never longer than 6 months. Like everyone around the world we’ve had our ups and downs the past six months. What’s important are the lessons we’ve learned along the way. 2020 hadn’t been totally awful. A lot of wonderful things have transpired! People have gotten married and babies have been born! Life goes forward. We move forward. And now I will be returning to Honduras to work with youth once again! New beginnings. Let’s not say we need to forget 2020 but rather glean insight from it. Every day is a fresh blank page with which we ”try it again”.

New Year! New Happenings!

On December 9th, 2019 we moved into our rental home in Comayagua Honduras and in January 2020 we welcomed three young ladies into our home, The House of Joseph.

We are thankful we spent 9 months learning Spanish as it helps us with our daily communication with the girls. One of the girls speaks pretty good English so that helps us when we get stuck!

We are continuing to teach English for free to the Hondurans. We have one advanced class on Tuesdays and two beginner classes on Thursdays. We enjoy our time with our students because they are eager to learn!

A nice young married couple from Springfield Missouri came to stay with us for a week in January as a part of his college graduation requirement. We enjoyed taking them around our beautiful Honduras and introducing them to the lovely people of Honduras.

Clay and Emily Engel-
The Lattrell Coffee Farm

Contact us if you would like to come down for a visit!

Behold the glory of our God!

Language School Complete! On to the next Chapter!

It’s been 9 months since we moved back to Honduras and have completed about 8 months worth of Spanish classes!

We’ve attended a couple of workshops and a conference on Orphan Care and Transition Homes and two missionaries retreats.

We’ve gotten reacquainted with old friends and have made many more new friends!

We’ve started English classes for about 30 Hondurans.

We’ve been house hunting and house sitting, dog sitting, cat sitting, and baby sitting!!

I put on a baby shower for one of our young couples.

We attended a marriage conference.

We’ve experienced bad times and wonderful times. God has never left us nor will he ever!

We return to Wisconsin for our oldest son’s wedding this November and return to Honduras the first week of December. We will resume teaching English and looking for a house to rent for our transition home for youth transitioning from life in a children’s home to independent living.

We appreciate your blessings and prayers!

Six Months of Spanish School In!

I apologize for not updating this site more often. Perdone mí.

Our Spanish classes keep us very busy! We are at school from 8-12 Monday through Friday. Then we have lunch, or almuerzo, and may do an errand or two before heading home.

Here we are learning how to make some traditional Honduran food for one of our classes!

Usually we have school work to do and more often than not need a short nap!

Some evenings we have a Bible Study we attend or meet someone for dinner or visit different churches with friends.

Pastor friends from Puerto Rico, Edgard and Wanda Agosto. At a sweet little outdoor church.

Every Sunday morning we drive down our mountain for 35 minutes to attend a bilingual church that we like. There are many other nice churches in the city we currently live in, Siguatepeque, but we pick up several young people that we know in Comayagua and take them to church with us there instead.

Adriana helped me prepare snacks one Sunday for after the service

A special night at church just for couples!

These are the youth that we returned to Honduras for! We love them dearly!

We are currently house sitting for a missionary family while they are visiting family in the United States. When they return the middle of September we will house sit for another family who needs to go back to the U.S. for 5 weeks.

Our hearts are not only to help the youth here in Honduras but also to come along side the other missionaries here by loving and encouraging them. God opened the door for us to do just that by helping them in this way.

We have learned much in 6 months of Spanish classes but realize there is so much more to learn so we are going to take another month of classes and possibly more after that.

We haven’t found a house yet for our transition home so we feel we should use this time of waiting learning more Spanish. God’s timing is perfect!

We plan on being back in the United States for November and returning in December. We are waiting for God to show us if he will have a house at that time to move into or if we should continue learning more Spanish. Either way we will need to raise more financial support.

Thank you for reading this and for praying for us here in Honduras!


7th Week In

Our Spanish is improving!

We’ve made new friends and have visited old friends.

We are enjoying a new church in the center of Comayagua. Below is a picture of Pastor Peter Hearne. On 3/17/19 we took one of our young ladies to church with us. Afterwards we went to visit this family below. The kids want to come with us next Sunday so we will stop here first next Sunday!

In Comayagua Family of nine

In the Mountains with Ana and her family

Ana would like a refrigerator where she can store cold drinks and food she prepares to sell to her neighbors.If you would like to donate towards this need simply follow our link on our donation page. Designate it for a “special project “.

With some of our classmates and teachers on 2/14/19.

We had to teach the kids at this school a game in Spanish by ourselves!

Scott and I also taught them the song Jesus Loves Me in Spanish.

The Journey Back

We loved our time together with Sam, Seth and Melody. We got to spend an extra day with them because our flight out on Tuesday, 1/29/19, was canceled because of the severe cold!

On Wednesday morning, 1/30/19, Seth dropped us off at O’Hare airport at 3 am! Only to be notified around 4 am that our flight was rescheduled for Thursday. Bummer. Scott insisted we wait our turn in line and ask what we could do. The Delta rep somehow booked us on another plane scheduled to leave yet that morning. However, after several delays it was finally canceled and we had to rebook on another flight. That one eventually got canceled as well. Finally at 4:30 pm, 13 1/2 hours after arriving, we took off on our 3rd flight scheduled for Atlanta! Yeah!

We had missed our connecting flight to Honduras but were thankful to find a hotel where we could eat and finally sleep.

We caught the airport shuttle at 5:30 am on Thursday morning, 1/31/2019, and our flight took off at 9:45 am. We were rested and ready to go!

We were so excited to finally be on our last leg of our journey back. The sky and clouds were beautiful as we flew into Honduras!

As the plane touched down God spoke to my heart that He was going to do a new thing! I did not have to worry. I cried and cried. We were both emotional because it seemed at times that the journey back was taking sooooo long but now here we were! The long delay only made our arrival all the more sweeter! Hence Scott’s expression below!

Mark Wolfe, from the Spanish Institute of Honduras, was waiting for us and brought us to our apartment in Siquatepeque. We unloaded our suitcases and around 4:30 pm Mark’s mother, Barbe, picked us up and drove us to a restaurant to get dinner.

Afterwards we bought a few groceries and went back to the apartment to crash!

Enjoying integrating back into life in Honduras!

Inside our apartment; outside our apartment.

Saying Our Goodbyes

Well we backed out of the driveway to our house at 1 pm Saturday January 19, 2019 and headed for Wisconsin!

We pulled into Scott’s Dad’s driveway in Janesville, WI around 9:30pm. It looked so pretty with all of the white snow!

Sunday morning we had the privilege of sharing about The House of Joseph with the congregation at Turning Point Church. It was great to see old friends and receive positive feedback about our plans in Honduras. They blessed us with a wonderful love offering! This is my brother-in-law and my sister’s church. Tom and Sherry Zillman Wonderful people!

On Monday we drove up to Athens WI to spend a few days with my parents. We were able to see many of our friends during this trip including some of my closest girlfriends from High School.

My parents were both happy and sad to see us. They liked the company as they are mostly housebound during the winter months because they still live out on the farm. But they were also sad because they know it will be several months before they see us again and like most parents do, they worry about us. We encouraged them that we will be alright and just a few hours away by airplane.

We spent the later part of the week back in Janesville with the McCumbers and getting together with more friends from that area. Scott’s sister Linda and her husband Bill came to town Sunday for a visit and sweet goodbyes.

We feel so wealthy because of the many friendships and family we have! Rich in love!

As I write this we are driving down to Illinois to be with our sons and daughter-in-law for the night. Sam, and Seth & Melody. Seth will be taking us to O’Hare airport at 3 am Tuesday morning, 1/29/19!

Hoping to FaceTime our daughter Shauna, her husband Ben, and our grandkids later tonight in Springfield Missouri!

Update on where we are in the process of moving back to Honduras.

I am busy packing some of our things to store, selling other items, and trying to figure out how much I can pack in two suitcases to last me 3-4 months! I can’t get my mind to shut off once I’m in bed at night.

We want to be completely moved out of our house by Saturday, January 19, 2019. Then we will drive up to Janesville, WI for a week. We will be sharing for 10 minutes on Sunday morning, 1/20/19, at Turning Point Church in Janesville. This is my sister and my brother-in-law’s church.

We will spend that week in Wisconsin saying goodbye to our parents and friends and hope to fly back to Honduras on 1/29/19.

We are all set up to start back with our Spanish classes on 2/4/19 at the Spanish Institute of Honduras in Siquatepeque. We completed our placement testing with them today. I will begin back in the intermediate class.

We will attend class Monday through Friday. We take 4 hours of classes per day and are required to practice for 2 hours each day.

On the weekends we plan to visit our friends in Comayagua. This is where we will look for a home that will work as a transition home for youth that leave orphanages and children’s homes. It will be called House of Joseph.

We appreciate your continued prayers as we make this transition. We also ask for prayers for a good home for our dog, Sonny. The home we thought we had for him didn’t work out because of the landlord.

More monthly support financially would also be an answer to prayer. Thanks! Send us a message now and again!